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As this website is just a hobby, it will take a bit of time to put it together. The idea is to have all the current new rotary mixers listed here, as well as having information on the vintage ones as well. I would like to have this website up now, but due to time constraints it will take a few months.

This is not the full list, but will give you some idea of what will be covered. If anyone feels they would like to contribute to the website, please feel free to contact me via the Facebook page

Current Rotary Mixers
Alpha Recording System ARS Model 4100 Rotary DJ Mixer
Alpha Recording System ARS Model 6700 Rotary DJ Mixer
Audiosolution SP3
Bozak AR-4 Desk Top Mixer
Bozak AR-6 Mixer
Bozak AR-6 Squared
Condesa Carmen
Condesa Carmen EQ
Condesa Lucia
E&S DJR400
Omnitronic RRM-502 5-channel rotary mixer
Omnitronic TRM-202MK2 2-channel rotary mixe
Rane MP2014 2-channel Rotary Mixer
Rane MP2015 Rotary Control DJ Mixer
Superstereo DN70
Superstereo DN78

Vintage Rotary Mixers
Rane MP 2016
CMA 10-2DL
Vestax Rotaries
Urei mixers

DJ Isolators
Alpha Recording System ARS Model 3500 3 Band Isolator Crossover
Dope Real
NEA  Iso-Six

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