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Can Electric Taula 4 Rotary DJ Mixer

 News has been floating about on Facebook that Can Electric has thrown a bomb in the rotary mixer world, by saying that in Barcelona they have been developing a handmade rotary mixer. This is a real handmade marvel made at a very competitive price.
One of the great advantages of this mixer is that it is 100% handmade. Something that is very clear in its structure and design. According to Can Electric its design and its technological innards are based in part on the successful E & S rotary mixer, the wet dream of many DJs and the one that many music lovers cannot afford. The truth is that his aesthetic is very similar to that legendary French mixer. The knobs are very similar and very nice texture. Everything on this mixers is of high quality, and the company had the brilliant idea of putting on the top panel all of the external inputs and wiring, which undoubtedly greatly speeds up the set up work. It comes  with a flight case which is both robust and manageable, which together with its top connections make it easy to install in any environment. The isolator, one of the great wonders of the rotary dj mixer is excellent and that, as we discussed, is still developing. Remember that this mixer is still in beta and some changes may change in the current products, remember this is constantly in development so the upgrades will be regular.

In our brief test at the store, the isolators are really impressive, they cut the sound to zero, creating a striking effect to mixes. The mixer comes equipped with 4 channels, treble and bass EQ, gain (Trim) and external effects loop. It has an isolator on the treble, medium and bass which are a delight, and the usual items you can find in most current mixers, and yes, the faders are rotary, obviously.

The design has a vintage feel really akin to some retro synthesizers, it is beautiful and also being hand built orders can be customized to your liking. The expected sale price will be about 1,250 € which we feel is a bargain for what is on offer.

If you want more info contactad with Discos Paradiso and inform you or stop by the store to try it.

  • 100% Analog 4 channel rotary Boutique DJ mixer.
  • Our mixer has all add-ons standard from factory.
  • Self contained in a portable wooden flight case
  • Three band 24dB/oct isolator with activation switch for fast isolation preset.
  • Asymmetric -30 to +6 dB tone controls.
  • Gain, effect send, bass, treble and cue standard on each channel.
  • Three led level indicator per channel.
  • Cue/out mix and volume control on headphones.
  • External power supply.
  • Front panel jack placement for fast and easy connecting.
  • Standard green, Ivory white or black front panel, other colors available under special request.
  • Standard “Blue Velvet” pots on volume and isolator controls.
  • Dual row 10 LED master VU meter.

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